A Mexican Hammock it is a hand woven net made with cotton or nylon string. The net shapes and moulds to your body offering supreme comfort.  The air circulates thought the hammock  meanwhile you are relaxing.

All our Mexican Hammocks are hand woven with high quality standards. We offer Mexican Hammocks made with a  very fine net, the net or body of the hammocks contains more than 40 stitches. This close net offers supreme comfort and more resistance.

Some business make this net more open, with less than 40 stitches spending less time on the manufacture process and using less material than  a good quality hammock, perhaps those hammocks are cheaper in the market but at the end of the day it  is not the same quality.

The people who makes our Mayan Legacy Mexican hammocks:


Mayan Legacy has chosen little towns that are far away from the city because the people who lives there don't have the job opportunities  like the people who live close to the city. We are a company who believes in Fair Trade, so pay fair to the artisans, this is a big reason why our beautiful people are very happy and as a result they make high quality hammocks, a combination of the best Artisans in Yucatan, a Fair trade and a lot of personal contact with them makes the one of the highest quality Mexican Hammocks in the market.

We have made strong relationships with these families. Helping them to grow and giving them all the help they need to be able to export to Australia. For example, we help them with all the paper work to export the hammocks, we pay to their accountant, we help them to print the invoices. All this work is rewarded by high quality hammocks and lots of smiles.



  Some of our stories:

Hello I am Alicia, And I would like to share some of the life experiences I have had in this beautiful business.

I remember once in 2002 when I went to pick up some hammocks in a town located in Yucatan, Mexico. One of the ladies who used to weave my hammocks,  her name was Imelda, Imelda told us that she was weaving this hammock to make some money to be able to buy a skirt for her 10 year old girl. Hammocks are hand woven in little houses and a lot of the people who makes our hammocks are ladies who work from home. This ladies are Mayan people, people who has learned the skills of making Hand woven Mexican Hammocks from generation to generation. They not only make hammocks to make money, they also sleep on their own personal hammock.

If one day you go to Mexico and visit little houses located in little towns from the Yucatan Peninsula, you will see that you enter the door of the little hut and then all you see is hammocks hanging on the main room and a TV. Here is where they sleep, then they have a small and rustic kitchen at the back. I am going to get some photos for you soon to help you picture this scenario

We have met lots of artesians, we met at one point a family who makes Salsiviera hammocks, can you imagine? This family makes the Salsiviera rope from the plant, from scratch and then weave the hammock. We bought one as a treasure to keep because I think that when this family stops making this super difficult to make hammocks, they will be history as now hammocks are made with Cotton or Nylon string not natural fibres like Salsiviera

Another story to tell is our adventure in the Hemp hammocks production. We used to import the Hemp String form Rumania, send it to Mexico, get the hammocks made by a family from Tixcocob and then send them to be sold here in Australia.  We miss our hemp hammocks but the process of importing something into Mexico was very dificult. Some countries make things extremely hard for the people to grow.

I will keep writting stories here. At the moment in 2015 when I am writing all this, my family and I are waiting for lots of beautifull hammocks, our production of this lot of hammocks which we are waiting for were custom ordered in November 2014, it takes so long to make our hammocks, because they are well made, well paid and made in custom colours. We are very excited to see the new colours coming and our hand crocheted hammocks which are so hard to get made. I hope you enjoy reading some of our stories in this lovely journey of the Mexican Hammock making word.

Regards Alicia Gambley

Above are my sister, me and Miguel in Holbox Island. Resting on some Mexican Hammocks which were on the Ocean! That was a lovely experience


Above is my husband Paul  sleeping in one of our custom made Hemp Hammocks.

This is me, learning to hand wove a Mexican Hammock. Believe me is hard work. My mom told me that she made a hammock when she was on High School and it took her one whole year! Off course, the ladies who make our hammocks have much more practice and does not takes them one whole year but it is not easy to weave one of them, it requires a lot of practice and skills