Deluxe Outdoor Cotton Collection

Mexican Handwoven Hammocks

Fulfilling a Dream

Created in 2002 with the purpose of providing regular and fair employment to local artisans, while fulfilling our dream of establishing a family business; we are committed to produce high-quality hammocks while providing families from small Mexican towns the opportunity to earn a fair and decent living.

Outdoor Mexican Hammocks

Ideal to decor you patio, veranda, pool area, etc.
We support woman from small villages in Mexico.
Evey hammock sold helps villages ladies to keep working from home

We are proud of being one of the biggest distributors of Mexican Hammocks in Australia.

Since 2002
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Growing up sleeping in her own personal hammock as per tradition in Merida Yucatan Mexico.

Made by hand with love

Our hammocks are handwoven with the best quality technique and materials. Offering a high quality bed to support your body when you rest and relax.

Our Best Seller

Deluxe Mexican Hammock with Hand crocheted Fringe

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