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Mayan Legacy Original Hammocks

Why Choose Mayan Legacy Hammocks?

The hammocks sold in our shop will enable my family to support our Mexican weavers. 

Mexican Hammocks are best known for being  the most comfortable style of hammocks in the world. But why are these hammocks so comfortable and better than hammocks made with rope or a piece of fabric, like Chinese or Brazilian Hammocks?  Hammocks made with a piece of fabric are not as fresh as Mexican Hammocks, this  is because Mexican Hammocks  are all hand woven with a thin string making a small net bed offering extra freshness, the air circulates through the hammock so it is very fresh ideal for hot and very warm weathers like the weather we have here in Australia during Summer and Spring.

Very easy to install, all you need is a pair of tree straps or a hammock frame

Hand woven in Mexico

ML has chosen little towns that are far away from the city because
the people who lives there don't have the same job opportunities 

Superior Relaxation

Hugging and supporting every curve of your body! No wonder why thousands of people sleep in Mayan Legacy hammocks.

Best quality materials

We choose the best available materials to weave your hammocks. No shortcuts.

Indoor and Outdoor

Hammocks to sleep all night, to read a book, to decor your patio or garden We created a hammock to cover all your relaxation needs.


HI Alicia,

My hammock has arrived and it’s wonderful! ;-) thank you so much! I love how the
fringe is so thick and luxurious, definitely a good call to use the thicker
thread! ;-)


a great day! 


— Barbara

how much pleasure your hammocks have given our family.

Hola Alicia. Having just lodged an order, I mused that it's now 20 years since my wife Carmel and I visited Sanicle St and first bought a hammock from you. We'd honeymooned in Mexico in 1998 and we'd bought ourselves a hammock in Merida. (It served as our marriage bed when we first came back to Australia). When it wore out, we came to you and bought a replacement. It was even better than our first. We live in Far North Queensland where the weather is harsh on hammocks, so every few years we've revisited you when in Brisbane, or ordered online if not. We now have three sons who've grown up sleeping in your hammocks. Our middle boy is just now completing grade 12 and next year heading down to Brisbane for university. He loved your hammocks the most, so he's getting one from you for Christmas. Of course Carmel and myself are getting ourselves another one too. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am that your business has done so well, and to let you know how much pleasure your hammocks have given our family. Muchas gracias

— Peter H

Amazing product!

Beautiful hammock, present for my partners balcony, looks exactly as I expected, stunning boho style. Highly recommend.

— Elizabeth