Where do i start...

So much has happened but the main story is amazing.

In 2002 I finished my University Degree but i was facing multiple operations to save my hips. After 8 operations i ended with Hip Replacements but the pain, the crotches, and multiple challenges made me think: What do I do now? I just finished my degree and my body is not strong to work for a company.

So my mother said: You need a job where you use your mind and not your body. And here is where i started thinking in opening an Online Business to export hand made hammocks and help families who do not have the same job opportunities as other people due to living in Remote towns and other reasons. The idea of the business project came as well because I used to buy used clothes and sell them in remote villages giving me the opportunity to meet lovely ladies who knew how to make hammocks.

A few months after I started my project  i met my Australian husband, Paul, he was traveling in Merida, Yucatan Mexico and he helped me to set up my first Shopping Cart, and he helped me so much in the IT Part of the business, he also sold hammocks in Roatan Honduras when he was backpacking and scuba diving, he loved my hammocks and my project.

I put together 2 teams of ladies, each team had around 15 adorable ladies who loved to make hammocks and that was the beginning. They lived about 1 hour away from Merida in small towns. So they were so excited about this job opportunity.

Selecting the cotton

I used to travel, drop the cotton yarn to them in bags, and then pick them up . But i made the most out of that. I used to chat with them, make picnics and social gatherings with them, they were fantastic ladies!

After that, the ball started rolling, we were exporting to France and USA all so exciting.

And when Paul and I decided to marry, we moved to Australia and set up the business. To make this possible my Dad offered to look after the production of hammocks and the exportation of them to Australia. Thanks Dad.

Now my Dad can not help me but i found an amazing small business owner  who does what i used to do when I was living in Merida. So now we are a team, she is in front of the production and exportation and I am here in Australia selling the hammocks.

Paul and I started with 60 hammocks in Australia! We love our business. SO many challenges but so much support.

Thanks Australia for helping me and my family to fulfill a dream project.

Mayan Legacy