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Dear Clients. We ran out of stock for our Cream and Dream Sands catalogue colour chairs. They are already in the process of traveling form Mexico to Brisbane, we estimate that they will arrive in October. Please email me to to put one on hold for you if you are interested. Thanks. Since they  are hand woven we do not make them in thousands so we have about 100 new in the importation.

Introducing our Genuine Mexican hammock chairs with the bonus of a comfy back support, difficult to find elsewhere. Because they’re extra large you can relax vertically or horizontally, anywhere you want, you choose.

They  are hand woven in Mexico with Outdoor Cotton or Super Nylon string.

The secret for our superior comfort and strength offered in our Mexican  Hammock Swing Chairs, lies in the diamond-shape design of the hammock weave and the workmanship of expert artisans.