A Mexican Hammock will hang in any space of around 3.30 depending on the length of the hammock. The end hanging points to attach your hammock should ordinarily be mounted 1.60 m to 2.4 m off the ground. You may wish to hang it higher or lower depending on the distance between your supports and on your personal preference. If you have less space, try hanging the hammock higher or make a knot close to the loop (of the hammock, this helps to shorten the length of the hammock without affecting the comfort of the hammock.  For distances between 2.50 and 2.90 meters, we recommend you our short hanging distance hammocks. Available in Cotton and Outdoor Cotton

* Photo showing one of our Mexican Hammocks hanged between 2 posts with 2 pairs of ropes


To hang Mexican Hammocks with Spreader bars like the photo below, you need a hanging distance of around the same length of your hammock. For example if the total length of your spreader bar hammock is 3.70 metres, your hanging distance will be a minimum of 3.70, if is longer just loose your ropes or straps to reach the loops of your hammock. This is because this hammocks are not hanged in a banana shape like the hammocks without spreader bars. Hammocks with Spreader bars are hanged "Flat" Like the photo below.



If your hanging distance is between 2.90-3.30 meters  you can make your hammock shorter, making knots close to the loops (If you do it  in both sides you can short your hammock around 40 cm). We strongly recommend you to make the knots close to the loops not to the body and you can make one or two knots in each side to adapt to your hanging distance.



If your hanging distance is to long you can adjust it with your pair of tree straps (Sold separately)