Dear customers thanks so much for your support during this strange times.

I am Alicia, owner of Mayan Legacy. Since 2002 when I started Mayan Legacy I been hiring students because they are enthusiastic, smart and they are not expensive. From all this years experience I have noticed that they come to Australia to study to go back home and have more opportunities of work.

A lot of this students come with their own money (No Mum and Dad paying) and they work hard here in Australia to make the money that they need to be able to pay the fees for school, food, rent, etc.

At the moment a lot of this students have lost their jobs due to the Coronavirus. Some of them asked me for help.

On the other hand I have noticed that my sales of hammocks have  increased. Because now is the time to stay at home and nothing better than resting on your own hammock at your own house. So I thought: "How about if I made some hampers to help the international students who lost their jobs".

From those 2 ideas together I came up with this project.

I have started 2 groups. One is from my Facebook page where I am putting together 20 persons in need and we are making their hampers:

Hampers for Mexican students in Brisbane

as the hammocks sales increase then I will add more hampers so more help to people.

I also have another group where I am going to donate some money,  this group was already made and they reached to me when they saw that I was making the hampers:

Olla Franca

So below is what I did yesterday:

Day 1: I went to the super market and got some eggs, milk, toilet paper.  I noticed that making hampers wont be as easy as I thought because I can not buy in bulk. So every day I will go to to the super to get a few things I think.

Image may contain: 1 person, sitting (Miguel putting together 5 hampers)

Day 2.- A client came to pick up her hammock and left me some tins of food for my hampers, Thanks so much!

I let you know how I go today with some pics :)