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Extra Large Mexican Hammock Chair in Rainbow

Extra Large Mexican Hammock Chair in Rainbow

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Introducing our new Mexican hammock chairs with the bonus of a comfy back support, difficult to find elsewhere. Because they’re extra large you can relax vertically or horizontally, anywhere you want, you choose.

They  are hand woven in Mexico with our outdoor cotton which is four times thicker than our regular cotton string making them longer lasting and more suitable for outdoor use and families.

The secret for our superior comfort and strength offered in our Mexican  Hammock Swing Chairs, lies in the diamond-shape design of the hammock weave and the workmanship of expert artisans.

Shipping Costs to deliver our Chairs:

* To deliver our chairs we charge $21 extra to  deliver to Remote Zones. Remote Zones are places like Alice Springs, Country areas in WA, QLD, etc.



Weights around 2.5 Kilograms

Supports 110 kilograms

Hanging Distance around 2.10 meters or more with ropes

Overall length around 1.50 meters

Includes the timber and the rope you just need to add a hook, strap or a frame