Because you Deserve it!
Because you Deserve it!
Because you Deserve it!
Because you Deserve it!

Because you Deserve it!

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I have to share this experience with you:

We are enjoying a day at the Gold Coast Hinterlands. With our Mayan Legacy Deluxe Outdoor Cotton Mexican Hammock in Queen size. Paired with our Steel Frame from Vivere. This combo is amazing. Because the frame is easy to ensemble and it comes with a carry bag, we tend to take this frame out and about to enjoy our Mayan Legacy hammocks. Outdoor Cotton are super comfortable and great for the Outdoors. In this pair we sleep our Siesta and read books. I have also put it inside of my tent to sleep better. I find it easier to sleep in my hammock than in an inflatable bed.

Honestly nothing like Mayan Legacy hammocks. Since I am from Merida Yucatan i can get the best of the best in quality. Nothing like loving the products that we sell. Thanks for enjoying the hammocks that I custom make in Merida and import to Australia for you to enjoy.! Mayan Legacy

Pairing a Mayan Legacy hammock with the Steel  Vivere hammock works perfect


Specifications Steel Frame:

Dimensions (280 L x 120 H x 110 W)

Weight capacity 200 kilograms

Weight 16 Kilograms

More info here (Steel Frame)

Specifications Queen Size Deluxe Outdoor Cotton

Hammock weights 2  Kilograms

Colour of your choice between or available colours

Holds 200 Kilograms

Ideal for 1